TOP Traffic Exchanges and Mailers for JANUARY, 2021



For month of December I have promoted my mailer site Advertising Emails Club, my text ad exchange Mystery Ads and my traffic exchange site Our Advertising Club. I do not count these sites in top, because these are my own sites and because I just count how many new members I got for my sites from promoting on other sites…


Promotions were less active than usual because of all this holidays period…


Here is my TOP 10 for JANUARY:


TOP Mailers/Safelists:


TOP Traffic Exchanges (manual):


I am surfing on lots of TEs, and also promoting on many places – TEs and mailers/safelists. Time to time I am joining some new places and test them for results.  Subscribe to my blog to stay updated on best traffic sources!


Have a great winter time! ❅ ❆