Halloween’s Super Pack on Mystery Mails!


Offer available: October 23 – October 31, 2018

Order will be processed manually, so it can take up to few hours (up to 9 if night-time).

If you are already upgraded to VIP but your upgrade is going to expire soon (until end of this year), you can still take it and I will add your bonus credits (50 000), extend your upgrade for 13 months and of course you will also get 25 000 125×125 (square) banner impressions.

To claim banner impressions – please contact us with your banner image url and target url. I will set up your banner and you will receive an email with stats link. Your square banner will be shown on several places, including this blog (just look at top of the blog, right after Menu)!

You can take offer here via PayPal button or you can take it when logging in your MYSTERY MAILS members area (Log-in offer), but only FREE members are able to see this offer, so if you are already upgraded and want to extend your upgrade + get bonuses, better use PayPal button on this page and then Contact Us with details (Mystery Mails username and square banner info).

[wpecpp name=”Halloweens Super Pack on MysteryMails via IngaOz.top” price=”69.99″ align=”center”]